The trend toward personal health education has grown strongly in Switzerland as well as in Germany and Austria, and the concept of "bio-psychosocial health" is becoming increasingly important.

People are increasingly acting voluntarily and actively in the direction of health and the promotion of their own resilience. For this purpose, on the one hand, they make use of institutions that specialize in physical fitness, and on the other hand, a clear trend can be observed towards an interest in psychosocial development, combined with spiritual topics.

In this area, the Health Campus would like to offer high-level and high-quality continuing education certificates within the framework of an understanding of health ranging from psychosocial health to health sciences and bio-psychosocial resilience.

For this purpose, the Health Campus makes use of well-known professional profiles from health and social services in order to design correspondingly appropriate, university-based continuing education courses to promote the respective professional competencies.

In addition, the Health Campus develops special training and continuing education concepts for companies and associations that have recognized the advantage of academic continuing education and want to meet their own needs in this regard.

Our services include the development of a curriculum, the acquisition of lecturers as well as the organizational implementation. Quality assurance under the framework conditions of St. Elisabeth University guarantees the highest standards.